How To Avoid A Flooded Basement

Posted On March 16th, 2017 by Wilbur Plumbing & Heating

The Best Way to Prevent a Flooded Basement in Mechanicsburg

A sump pump by itself is only good if you have power. Now, consider the advantages of water-powered, back-up sump pump.

If you live in a neighborhood or area prone to basement flooding, there’s a lot more protection available for your home than you might realize here in Mechanicsburg and surrounding communities.

Chances are you’re already very familiar with the value of sump pump and may already have one. But even if you do, you also realize that if your main power supply shuts off, so does your sump pump.

Water-Powered vs. Battery-Powered Back-up Sump Pumps.

That’s why you need a water-powered, back-up sump pump to give your home the full protection it needs.

Why is that? No matter how heavy the rainfall or the amount of melting snow, a water-powered sump pump requires no battery, no power, and has no moving parts. Provided your water supply (well or city) isn’t interrupted, a water-powered sump pump will operate for as long as it needs to.

In fact, the best available units can remove up to 1,324 gallons of water per hour and are the only pumps that are compatible with ¾” municipal water supply pipes.

Just How Much Protection Do You Want?

Any sump pump – regular or back-up – is going to help remove water from your home. So when deciding which type or combination of sump pumps to purchase, it’s much like choosing the right combination of coverage options for your auto insurance policy. No matter which options you choose, you’ll be covered. But to what extent?

At Wilbur Plumbing & Heating, we’ve learned from experience that the best possible combination for protecting your home is a regular and water-powered back-up sump pump working together to keep your basement dry, and your valuables and furnishings free from damage.

Contact us to schedule installation today. And give yourself one less thing to worry about.

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