Hybrid Systems

Hybrid Systems Include Peace of Mind, and Substantial Energy Savings

What is a Hybrid System?

Hybrid Systems combine a heat pump with a gas furnace. During the hot summer, the heat pump works to keep you cool. While heading into the cooler temperatures, the heat pump works to keep you warm. Once colder temperatures approach, the gas furnace operation is added to maintain that same comfort.

The variable speed Electronically Controlled Motor (ECM) blower motor creates even more comfort by keeping even temperatures both day and night. To maximize your comfort level, we ensure that systems are properly sized to ensure comfort and efficiency.

Hybrid Systems are one of the most efficient ways of heating and cooling your home. The combination of two systems allow the most efficient to run at the right time. The variable speed (ECM) motor operates for pennies on the dollar and can run year round, using only 40% of electric when compared to a standard motor.

Hybrid Systems